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There are many women who try to make it in the adult entertainment industry, and while some may continue to work without gaining much recognitions, there has been over the years some names that have made it big. Not only have they made a name for themselves because of their performances, but also for their natural talents to perform and not be afraid to do sexual things with other people whilst being filmed; they are also known for acting and singing too and some girls have been able to make it into mainstream acting, although they may be bit parts, it is something they can be proud of.

Puma Swede is one of the said few that have really made a name for herself, and here we are going to take a look at why she has become so popular and about her life and career.

Obviously to say that Puma Swede was not have birth name given to her by her parents; in fact her real name is Johanna Jussinniemi and she was born in September of 1976, making her 36 years old. Although born in Finland, to Finnish parents, she spent most of her childhood in Sweden, but made the move to California 9 years ago in 2004 to further her career even more.



To the present day Puma has starred in around 140 films, makes regular appearances in clubs and has her own website, that avid fans can check out; on her website she has a bio about herself, a members only section, videos, updates of what Puma is up to as well as a schedule to see what she is doing and where she will be.

Before moving in the world of adult entertainment, Puma actually worked as a sales rep selling computers, but the made the decision that this was not what she wanted to do with her life. This led her to move into dancing and working as a glamour model,  to further boost her career she made the decision to move to the US, where she did star in some porn films, which was only all girl action.

It was not until a year after moving that Puma finally got the break that she was looking for, that was going to turn her from being a name that some knew about, to one that many would know. This was to be her first performance on screen with a male, and was more hardcore than the things she had been previously doing, the video was called School of Hardcore. The film was produced by a company called Antilnnocence, with whom she signed a contract with for some time.

Being 5ft 10, Puma found her self in many roles in which she would be very domineering, and this gave her an edge over other girls, as many of them are quite petite, she took to the challenge well and loves playing the roles where she can boss the men and women around. During her first few years in the industry she became friends with a fellow actress Nikki Benz, and when they work together they call themselves, Swenz. She also met Keiran Lee, a male porn star to which she became romantically involved with in 2008, to whom she then married in 2009.